2014 / Atual – Research and development of computational intelligence methods for smarter knowledge discovery in integrated Social CRM systems

Diego Lisboa Cardoso – Coordenador / Antonio Fernando Lavareda Jacob Junior – Integrante / Carlos Renato Lisboa Francês – Integrante / Ádamo de Lima Santana – Integrante / Rainer Alt – Integrante / Fábio Manoel França Lobato – Integrante / Marcia Fontes Pinheiro – Integrante / Olaf Reinhold – Integrante / Harry Cruz – Integrante.

Social Customer Relationship Management (SCRM) is an emerging concept that includes strategies, processes and technologies that bring together social networks on the web and CRM processes. However, transforming the large mass of data available on social networks into value adding opportunities for companies is challenging. Today, a variety of software applications based on web and text mining techniques is used for knowledge discovery in SCRM. These techniques are helpful for identifying relevant social media postings and for extracting basic information (e.g. number of likes, occurrence of key words in postings, identification of simple sentiments), but they are insufficient for identifying more complex patterns which include interconnections between actors, profiles and postings from large and unstructured databases. Computational intelligence (CI) techniques (e.g. artificial neural networks, Bayesian models, fuzzy systems and evolutionary computing) are an alternative option to address these problems. They promise a great potential to improve the capabilities in knowledge discovery and may also enable new usage scenarios in SCRM (e.g. impact simulation, network analysis, topic development). However, research on the extent to which methods can be applied in integrated SCRM systems is scarce. UFPA and IWI plan to address this gap by combining complementary research from their past and current projects in the respective fields of CI (UFPA) and SCRM (IWI). This application is thus for conducting a joint workshop that aims at identifying relevant common research topics and activities for a long-term cooperation including joint research projects, exchange of researchers and creating a laboratory.

Universidade Federal do Pará – Campus profissional.

R. Augusto Corrêa, 1 – Guamá, Belém – PA, 66075-110, Anexo do Laboratório de Engenharia Elétrica (LEEC), sala 24

Email: lpo.ufpa@gmail.com

Desenvolvido por Flávio Moura

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